A Common Table

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A not so common sandwich.

A Common Table was born of the idea that food is a language that unites us all. No matter our differences, we can all agree that the best times are spent around a table with friends and good food. This is why our menu is an inspiration of classic sandwiches with global flavors.

Founded in 2019 by Joshua and Kristen Taylor, A Common Table was born from a two week road trip from Ohio to Oregon that provided the clarity (and food choices) to bring our travel inspiration to our home in Columbus, OH. We are continuously inspired by the idea of a family business and wanted to create a space that our four children could learn the values of a hard day’s work.

The purpose of the menu is to continue to evolve. It was created with inspiration from our friend Silas Caeton (Lox Bagel Shop) and evolves with the help of our friends and neighbors!

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Monday&Tuesday 11a-3p

Wednesday-Friday 11a-4p

Saturday 10a-4p

Sunday Closed


3496 N.High St Columbus, OH 43214


*call ahead ordering available

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